Bitatto ON (with lock) Patented Product

Bitatto ON warm up outside purpose
Bitatto with very slim heater.
This product is NOT a chargeable product. You need to connect the product with a mobile battery.

Slim heater has been attached to Bitatto!

Since the heater warms up the wet wipes, you can use it in the cold winters.

Compact size – only 40g
For children, hospitals, and leisure activites
USB cable included.
Suitable for baby bottom, hands, mouth, body wiping, various commercial wet wipes.


Attach and detach its reusable lid!

* Wet wipes are NOT INCLUDED in the item.
* Please be informed that Bitatto ON may not be suitable for some wet wipes.

Bitatto On has a slide lock that prevents children from opening the cap.

Slim heater has been attached to Bitatto!


Just connect Bitatto On and mobile battery with a USB cable. After 10 minutes, the top 5 wet tissues will warm up.
The temperature is about 50℃ – not too hot, not too cold.

Bitatto On is about 40g and the thickness of the cap is 1.2cm.

Bitatto On is about 40g and the thickness of the cap is 1.2cm.

USB Power

USB Power

You may connect Bitatto On with electric plugs or to the mobile batteries.

**Bitatto On is NOT chargeable.

Usage time estimate

Usage time estimate

●Mobile battery with 3,000mAh – Can be used for approximately 4 hours.

●Mobile battery with 5,000mAh – Can be used for approximately 8 hours.


Slide lock attached

Safe yellow slide lock – Prevents children from opening the cap.

コンパクトで軽いから持ち運びラクラク! 介護・食事・育児・レジャーに!



Please remove the sticker cap from the wet wipe.

・Please be careful not to damage the wet wipe’s opening.
・If there’s a remainder of sticker cap on the wet wipe, Bitatto On may not properly stick. Please remove the sticker completely.

Remove the plastic from the adhesive.

Be sure to take off the plastic from the dotted lines.

Stick Bitatto On to the wet tissue. Make sure not to create wrinkles.

These wrinkles may cause the wet tissues to dry out.

Plug the USB cable to a mobile battery, and connect it to Bitatto On’s body.
If it is connected correctly, red light will light up and it will begin warming up the wet tissues.

・After using, disconnect the USB power cable.
・Depending on the type of the wet wipes, tissues’ color may change when the tissues are heated frequently. Changed color does not affect the functions of the tissues, but we recommend you to use the warmed up tissues quickly.
・If the wet wipes is warmed up too much, it may dry up. Some wet wipes may dry even faster.
・If there’s a gap between the wipes and the heater, heat will not be transferred to the wet wipes. Make sure to close the cap tightly.

check Depending on the type of wet wipes (thickness, amount of moisture, etc.) the warming temperature varies.








[Product name] Bitatto ON
[Retail Price] ¥2,500
[Material] Body- PP、ABS,Aluminium (Taiwan) ,Adhesive Material-Urethane elastomer (Japan)
[Main unit specifications] Power supply · DC 5 V / 1.0 A
[Power consumption] 2.2 W
[Maximum temperature] about 50℃
[ITEM SIZE] W120*D80*H12mm / 40grm.
[PACKAGE SIZE] W148*D27*H185mm


【警告】 火災や感電、発火による事故、ケガのおそれがあります。



  • 濡れた手でUSB電源ケーブルを抜き差ししないでください。
  • 乳幼児の手の届く場所での使用や、保管はしないでください。
  • 本製品を分解したり、修理、改造しないでください。
  • ピンや針金などの金属・異物などを本製品に入れないでください。
  • 火気の近くでの使用や保管はしないでください。
  • 使用後、もしくは使用しない場合は、必ずUSB電源ケーブルを抜いてください。
  • USB電源ケーブルが乳幼児の体などに巻きつかないように注意してください。
  • 暖房用には使用しないでください。


【注意】 故障や破損のおそれがあります。


  • USB電源ケーブルを抜き差しするときは必ず根元に近いところを持ち、無理に曲げたりしないでください。
  • 保管する場合は、ヒーター部が十分に冷めていることを確認してから保管してください。
  • 本製品の上に重いものを乗せないでください。
  • 異常を感じた時はすぐにUSB電源ケーブルを抜いて、直ちに使用を中止してください。