Sliding Type Nail Clipper Nai Cle


New Idea! Sliding Type Nail Clipper

en_neikuru_02Just turn around Nai Cle, you can easily cut the nail.
School pool day, although you forget the nail cut, if you have this Nai Cle, you can cut the nail whenever and wherever.
Since nails do not scatter, it is easy to clean up.
※Recommended Age:7 years old and over





How to Use


※Before using, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully on backside of package.
※Photos, pictures are sample. Design may change.

Color variation



[Product name] Nai Cle
[Japanese Retail Price] ¥985
[Material] Main Body/ ABS resin Rasp blade/ stainless
[Product Size] W41×D11×H40 ㎜
[Package Size] W78×D12.8×H151 ㎜
[Quantity in Inner case] 12PCS
[Quantity in Outer case] 72PCS
[BOX Size] Inner Box: W96×D90×H163mm/Outer Box: W303×D188×H190 ㎜
[Recommended Age] 7 years old and over
[Release Date] 2017